AgriTech Solutions

AgriTech – using technology in field of agriculture to increase productivity, efficiency and output. Applied across agricultural value chain and for product, service or an application.

Digital technologies and startups in the field of supply chain, farm data analytics, infrastructure and information platforms are favorite among investors. AI based smart solutions, advanced farm analytics, and increased usage of new technologies like drones would define the next growth phase of the industry.

Technology in Agriculture

  • Data Enabled Agriculture: Application of sensors and connectivity, data storage and aggregation, optimization hardware, software platforms, and big data and analytics
  • Automation and Robotics: Electrified systems, autonomous equipment, drones and robots for crop monitoring and spray crops with fertilizers and pesticides
  • Supply Chain and Logistics: Technologies that optimize or enhance crop storage, packaging and shelf life, food security and traceability, asset and fleet usage
  • Farm Management Platform: Tools for tracking growth, planning nitrogen applications, and visualizing overall crop health and variability
  • Satellite Imagery: Satellite images and data can be used to help predict environmental factors, crop acreage and yield estimation

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