Logistics Solutions

Location based services platform tightly coupled with Google maps and other prominent map service providers via API integration to offer services like Geofencing, Geotracking and route optimization. The platform enables to build map-based market places like Uber or handyman services, location-based advertising, delivery shipment solutions with optimized route and work assignment. The platform can be used by startup to build their LBS applications and logistics firms to manage their operations and enhance customer experience.

Location Based Services

  • Maps and Navigation
  • Maps and Navigation
  • Route optimization
  • Delivery sequencing
  • Proof of delivery
  • Tracking and Fencing
  • Location Based Advertising
  • Real time Vehicle tracking
  • Workforce fencing and task management
  • Proof of task completion
  • Check-in onsite
  • Event and Listing
  • Localized search
  • City guides
  • Event Aggregation

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Google or other Map API service integration

Google Routing API

GPS enabled Tracking


Voice enabled directions

Algorithm engine for delivery sequencing

Digital Signature interface

Image manager for Proof of Delivery (PoD)

Location based Advertising Engine

Event aggregator linked with location

Web backend and API services

Multi Device Distribution

Our Offerings

  • Multi Device Distribution: The map-based location content can be delivered across Desktop and Mobile Devices. The platform provides extended applications for Web, iOS, Android and Windows
  • Logistics solutions: Our web and mobile applications can help logistics firms to improve productivity and process efficiency by digitizing their operations all the way from handling customer enquiry from your website to quote generation to final delivery. The tools help to ease customer experience by responding swiftly and manage your workforce efficiently via digital tools for logistics.
  • Sales force automation: Can leverage our map-based solutions to assign, track and geofence your workforce and manage them efficiently.
  • Localized content aggregation: Content is the king and localized content is emperor. Increasing audience look for localized content information and event updates. Our tools can help you to build city guides, local news, local advertisements, event aggregation based on location etc.
  • Client Applications: The Multiple Client applications – Angular JS web, iOS Native, Android Native, Windows Native and Cross Platform Client applications provides the choice for businesses to strategize the content delivery across multiple devices. Customized User Interface can be built on any or all of platforms that seamlessly integrate with middleware exposed as Restful API services.

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